My Guilty Pleasure #BEDAoutmumbered

Day 12 of Blog Every Day in August is my guilty pleasure.

This has taken me ages to think of this as I’m not really sure I have a guilty pleasure. But after much thought I guess Bourbon Biscuits are my guilty pleasure.

My favourite ones are bourbon creams by Sainsburys. The family size too 🙂


I buy them because I think I will have one a day if I am craving something sweet. This never happens. I eat the whole packet and then feel terrible because I shouldn’t of eaten them all and then I worry that I’m going to put on weight. So then I eat more chocolate to make myself feel better and it is a terribly viscous circle!

However yesterday whilst in Asda I picked up two (small) packets and I DID NOT actually buy them!! How proud are you?

Writing this post has made me want a bourbon biscuit so pass them my way?

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