Nearing The End To A Year Off

The time is fast approaching where I will be splitting my parent hat with my working hat after nearly a year off! I am absolutely dreading it. For just short of 8 months now I have spent nearly every waking minute of every day with my beautiful daughter. The thought of not being with her is what I imagine losing an arm to feel like!

Before becoming a parent I worked full time as an Assistant Manager in a Day Nursery. I was the person who reassured those parents leaving their child for the first time! Now the shoe is on the other foot and quite frankly I would rather go bare foot!!

My reasoning for going back to work is a mixture of needing to and wanting to. I need to go back to work to help support my family but I want to for my own independence! I really struggled with being on Maternity Leave and not earning my own money although I am very lucky to have an amazing partner who has pretty much taken on all of the bills as well as the car (even though I drive it most days!) and only expects a tiny contribution from me! So yeah I want to earn money so we can have a few family luxuries.

I only want to go back to work part-time as although I miss my independence I will miss my daughter more. I have watched so many children’s ‘firsts’ in my job and felt bad having to tell the parent at the end of the day. I don’t want that parent to be me. I want to be there when she first crawls/walks etc. I don’t want her sharing those special moments with anyone else! Selfish I know but I’m sure it is the same for every parent.


So a new journey is starting in both of our lives and I have a lot to think about and weigh up the options as I know how expensive childcare is – and that is coming from someone in the profession!

What are your experiences? Was it worth your while going back to work and how did you cope? If you are a SAHM how is that for you?

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