A Brand New Instagram Hashtag & Community | #SelfCareWithKids

A Brand New Instagram Hashtag & Community | #SelfCareWithKids

I’ve touched on self care before but not in great detail because if I’m honest, I’m not that great at it. Since becoming a parent I am forever putting myself right at the bottom of every list! I give my all to parenting that there isn’t much energy left to spend on myself. So this is why I am starting a brand new Instagram hashtag with a little community behind it.

#SelfCareWithKids is basically me giving myself a kick up the bum and holding myself accountable. But also I hope it will give others the boost to start looking after themselves too! Whilst it may seem like just an Instagram hashtag, I hope that it will become more than that. I hope that it will become a little community where we can help and support each other in creating our very own happy!

I’m not doing this alone though. The lovely Chelle from Daily Life Edit is my co-host. Chelle has completed a life coaching course and is about to venture into a course all about creating your happy story. Im so excited to have her on board! Please go and show Chelle some love.

Our plans are to obviously use the hashtag on Instagram and then as hosts we will share some of our favourites randomly on Instagram stories. If all goes well and it kicks off nicely I may introduce a monthly round up, here on the blog. Let me know your thoughts!

So there you have it, a little idea I came up with whilst feeling quite overwhelmed with parenthood and feeling sad at the thought of someone else, somewhere, feeling the same. Please join us on our #SelfCareWithKids journey and lets create a happy and comforting place to find ourselves again!

PS: Be sure to tag @smallthingblog and @dailylifeedit in your #SelfCareWithKids posts too.

Because we are so totally worth it.


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