Oh Bloggy World – How I’ve Missed Thee

I feel like this is such a repetitive post but as you may have noticed I have been very quiet on my blog and social media.

I have been suffering with a severe case of loss of motivation and not just in regards to my blog. I have spent the past 6 months moaning about just about everything possible from home decor, my job and life in general. I have now realised that I am the only one who can change all of the above. Starting with getting my blog on! I have missed my little space on the internet and everyone in it.

I feel like I had forgotten the purpose of this blog – a place to look back on and remember all the small things that are so easily forgotten. I got so wrapped up in writing for everyone else that I forgot about me. But I am now on a mission to find myself again! More about this soon 😉

On a positive note I have enjoyed taking a step back and really enjoying Scarlett. We have such an incredible bond and I love spending time with her! She has grown so quick and now when I look at her I don’t see a baby, I see a little girl. She has such an amazing character and never fails to make me laugh. Oh and not forgetting the permanent crazy hair!!

Expect to be seeing a lot more of this little face!

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