One Of Them Days

Today is ‘one of them days’. Well to be honest most days are ‘just one of them days’ at the moment.

The days seem to go so fast but I just feel like I’m not going anywhere.

The housing situation is really not helping as it still seems like such a long way away! Don’t get me wrong I am so grateful to James’ parents for letting us stay here but it is just not the same as ‘home!’ I just cannot wait to finally be in our family home.

It just feels like everything is on hold until we move.

– I don’t see the point in getting Scarlett into a daytime routine to just uproot it again in hopefully a few weeks.
– I don’t see the point in unpacking most of our things to then pack them again.
– We can’t start weaning Scarlett properly as the highchair is in storage for the new house.

I just can’t see the point in much at the moment.

I know all of the above are just excuses and I’m just throwing my toys out of the pram but I just can’t seem to get my head straight whilst not having my own space to do so.

I don’t get much time to blog at the moment either, which frustrates me because blogging is my way out of everything. My mind is so focused on counting down time until I’m in my new home that I struggle to write everything down because it all just becomes blurry and never comes out properly. Just as this post probably has!

Sorry for all the negativity, I just needed to get this all down. I need to try and be positive because I know Scarlett is probably suffering. I need to stop taking everything out on the people who care. I just need my home NOW!

Tomorrow is a completely new day though and hopefully it won’t be ‘one of them days’!

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