Our Christmas 2015

There we have it – Christmas has been and gone for another year! I’m no scrooge but I do enjoy the build up to Christmas much more than the day itself. There are so many traditions I want to start with Scarlett but I felt this Christmas just appeared out of nowhere with absolutely no warning! So next year it shall be!

Christmas Eve just felt like any normal day to me as I was at work until 2pm! We then got ourselves ready and headed over to my Mum’s where we were staying the night. Mum put on a lovely spread and we just ate and played games!
Christmas morning Scarlett tried to wake up at 5:55am but I managed to persuade her to go back to sleep until 7:30am! We then got ourselves showered before heading downstairs to open our presents. I was absolutely spoilt as was Scarlett! I think she was a little overwhelmed with all the presents because at one point she just sat on my lap and broke down! Once the present unwrapping was finished we sat down to a delicious breakfast cooked by my Mum consisting of fruit, croissants, pancakes and bacon (washed down with some Bucks Fizz!)
Once all hair and makeup was done we visited my Nan. We stayed at my Mums until 3ish when we headed over to James’ Mums for Christmas Dinner. The dinner was delicious but James must of had a bad prawn as he then spent the rest of the day ill and wasn’t even able to eat his dinner! My evening was spent catching up on all the TV I had missed.
On Boxing Day we did the standard get ready and head to the Next Sale. We picked up a few bargains and spent the rest of the day sitting about on the sofa eating chocolate!!
Next year we plan on having Christmas at home so that we can really feel the magic with Scarlett and have a nice chilled day! 
What did you get up to over Christmas? Do you have any family traditions that you’ve kept up with your children?

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