Our Weaning Journey

In just a few weeks, 2 to be precise, Scarlett will be 6 months and so our weaning journey will begin.

We have decided to go down the baby led weaning route after I have spent so long doing research. I definitely think this will be the best route for us all.

When Scarlett turned 4 months old we started to give her baby rice and fruit pouches for breakfast as her milk didn’t seem to be enough for her! She was only going between 2-3 hours between feeds. However after a while she started trying to grab the spoon and would be more interested in playing with spilt food. Then she started refusing to eat off of a spoon but would grab at food on our plates and would take food if held in front of her.

I have read so many different experiences and compiled a list of the things we need to get before we start baby led weaning.

A Highchair

I have seen so many people recommending the Antilop highchair from IKEA. We were lucky enough to be given one of these by a parent at work so we already have the main thing. We also have a bumbo which we could use for meals out and about.

A Floor Mat

This is another huge recommendation. Although we have tiled floor in our new kitchen I think it will still be handy to have as clean up will be quicker in my opinion. A lot of people said to just use an old shower curtain but I found a no mess floor mat from Poundland which looks a lot prettier.

Bibs or Overalls

Dependent on the temperature I plan on stripping Scarlett down to just her vest or nappy but if this is not possible I have found Mothercare Love Hearts Coveralls. If it is possible though we already have a Tommee Tippee Essentials Comfi Neck Bib and I like the idea of Tommee Tippee Explora Roll N Go Bib for when we are out and about!

Crinkle Cutter

I’ve read that using one of these to cut carrots etc make it easier for baby to grip the foods but I’m not entirely sure we will purchase one of these, but we shall see. I found this one at Lakeland.

Snack Pots

I guess these would be good for when we are out, so that I can take her food with us so I know exactly what is in the things she is eating. I love this Disney Princess Snack Pot from Asda as we call her princess. I will probably buy two of these, dependent on the size.

A Doidy Cup

We have already tried her on water and she was not a fan, but then she wasn’t a fan of baby juice either! So I guess once shes having less milk she will want a drink with her meals. I’ve read really good things about the Doidy Cup.

Then I will also have flannels on standby too, to clean up the aftermath! I have already brought Milton wipes to wipe surfaces when we are out.

So this is my list of things to get before starting our weaning journey, would you add anything else to it? Also if you have or are still doing baby led weaning, I could do with some extra advice!

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