The Parts Of Maternity Leave We All Take For Granted

The Parts Of Maternity Leave We All Take For Granted

Now that I am back at work (my first 3 day week starts today!) I am noticing how many of the little things I took for granted whilst on maternity leave. It only takes something small for me to realise how much I am already missing maternity leave! So I took to Facebook and it appears I am most definitely not alone. The parts of maternity leave we all take for granted:

The Effort

When you are in charge of mini humans they don’t care if your hair is washed, or if your shirt is ironed. They just want your time! If I wanted to wear a mum bun and my trainers everyday I could. But now I have to wear a uniform and make sure I keep a clean and presentable appearance at all times!

Maternity Leave

The Freedom

Late for a playdate? Your fellow parents will totally understand if its because you had a bad night or the children didn’t want to wear a certain sock! Your employer may be a little less understanding. Gone are the days where toileting was a matter of ‘need to go’ not ‘need to go as can’t be needing to go at work’! With freedom comes less pressure too. I enjoyed planning my own routine instead of it being planned for me!

The Naps

Apparently these are not acceptable in the workplace! But nothing will beat those warm afternoon naps next to my eldest girly.

Maternity Leave

The People

Of course the two days I’m not at work are the two days my closest Mum friends work. So I will definitely miss the social interaction and all those play dates!

The Blog

This blog is my third baby. I’m hoping I will still enjoy blogging but I am well aware that after a 9 hour day at work I may not feel like writing! I definitely took nap times spent writing for granted.

Thank you to Kate, Lauren, Sarah, AbiEmmaNatalieCatherineBecky and Sarah for contributing to this post! Go check them out.

What are the things you took for granted whilst on maternity leave?


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