Pregnancy | Second Time Around

Pregnancy | Second Time Around

I started writing this post at 3:24 am due to a lack of sleep and a billion and five things running through my mind! Needless to say the following day was a killer 🙁

I find it very difficult to explain how I feel being pregnant for a second time. Both my pregnancies have been pretty much the same but so different – if that is even possible!

I’m not sure whether it is my mind set this time or the fact I kind of have an idea about what to expect but I feel more confident in myself. I hid my bump anyway I could in my first pregnancy, whether that be with a scarf or a baggy top, but this time I have enjoyed dressing my bump! Obviously I still have those days where I have absolutely nothing to wear and dream of a skinny non-pregnant body but I know how lucky I am to be pregnant for a second time.

This time around I haven’t minded people touching my bump as much. I remember totally clamming up if anyone so much as brushed past my bump but I can kind of tolerate it now. Again maybe because I am feeling more confident. Just for the record I do not allow any old person to touch my belly 😉

I have just generally felt stronger compared to last time especially when it comes to other people and their feelings. I have been selfish and I’m totally ok with that. I spent too much time worrying about how things would affect others that I didn’t really think about myself and my needs so this time it is all about me and of course Little!

However the back pain I am experiencing is 1000x worse second time around and I physically don’t feel as strong as I do mentally! I’m not sure whether it is in fact SPD or something else but all I know is it is so much harder to deal with with a toddler in tow!

All in all I quite enjoy being pregnant but it is so much harder with a toddler to also care for. So if this isn’t my last it definitely is until school age 😉

Do you have any advice to help me survive the final weeks?


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