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Review & Competition | Kids Don’t Come With A Manual

I can honestly say I have never read a parenting book as when I was pregnant I was given enough advice to last me a life time! I think I also naively thought ‘how hard can it be?’

Well now Scarlett is a year old I very much welcomed the chance to read ‘Kids Don’t Come With A Manual‘ and I’m gutted I didn’t find this earlier. 
Scarlett has always been fairly well behaved (obviously she has had her moments – don’t all children?) but since I have been back to work she has started throwing tantrums, telling me NO (yes she is only 1!!) and being quite hard to deal with! I know this is probably her way of dealing with it and I hope it will get easier – it is still new to both of us.

I found Kids Don’t Come With A Manual so easy to read. The contents were very clear and the book was easy to navigate. There is also a handy trouble shooting section at the end of the book for easy reference. I didn’t read the book in one go (and still haven’t completely finished it!) but just read the parts I thought would help me. It isn’t the usual patronising ‘this is how you should parent’ book but it equips us parents with the tools to deal with the everyday challenges we face! It doesn’t just contain tools to help us parents but also helps us to understand our children and how we can help them!
I did find that not all chapters applied to us as Scarlett is still young but atleast I now have this to look back on. Limited choices has really worked for us as Scarlett is at that age where she just wants everything and she wants it NOW! I have also found that ‘Uh-Oh’ has worked better than a stern NO when Scarlett throws her food on the floor. 
At the end of each chapter there is a space to write your own notes so that you can jot down the way you apply each tool as not everyone will do it exactly by the book. I also found this space handy to write the positives of the tool as sometimes it just seems much easier to give in! 
Overall I would highly recommend this book to all parents, not just first time parents like myself. The authors Carole & Nadim really put things in a fresh perspective with the things we could be doing differently. 
You can purchase your copy from either Best of Parenting or Amazon. Or you could win yourself a copy by completing  the Rafflecopter below! You can thank me later 🙂 

*I was not paid for this post. I received the item for review purposes however all opinions are completely my own based on my own experience.*

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