Little | 10 Month Update

I am super super late writing this due to Christmas and you being poorly but I couldn’t not write it. I cannot believe in 2 months (well under that now) you will be a whole year old. Your time in this world has gone super quick and I am so blessed to have spent every day with you!

Eye Colour: Hazel like Daddy and I doubt they will change now.
Hair Colour: A mousey blonde colour.


The last time I had you weighed which was December you weighed 19lb 6.5oz and I am sure you have continued putting on weight. I must remember to go on the Friday before your month update!!


You are still on Cow and Gate Stage 2 milk and we are still making up 3 x 210ml bottles and you will normally finish them. You eat three meals a day still and it is very rare that we blend your food now (we have done lately due to you being poorly with a sore throat and cough and not really eating!).


You are still in 6-9 month clothes and I’m pretty sure you will be for a while yet. You also still wear size 4 nappies.


Well this is difficult to write as your routine has been all up in the air due to your illness. But slowly we are getting it back. You are still waking up quite late (catching up on all that sleep you’ve missed lately!!) anything between 8am-10am. Due to this you haven’t really been having a morning nap but I enjoy spending the time with you! I’m thinking of bringing your afternoon bottle forward to before your sleep so that you can have a full tummy and a peaceful sleep. 


Again your sleeping has been all over the place due to illness and Christmas but you seem to be catching up on all that was missed. Your bedtime is back to being around 8pm although you’ve had a few nights where you won’t settle until late. Now your routine is falling back into place I hope you will start sleeping earlier in preparation for me going back to work!

– You actually crawl and quite fast too.
– You don’t say Mumma or Dadda but you do say Mum and Dad aha!!
– You pull yourself up to stand on just about everything you can now.
– You are happy to play with your toys alone and absolutely love books.
– You now point to things to tell us what you want.
– You have really started trying to conversate with us now.
– You understand the word ‘no’ (you will shake your head!) and ‘bye’ (you will wave!!).
– You have started making noises with your mouth using your fingers – it is the cutest!
– You can see your brain really working hard when you are trying to achieve something.
– You are still the cutest baby I’ve ever seen 🙂
I know I write the same thing every month but Scarlett you make us so so proud everyday. You are a pleasure to spend time with and I will never get bored of watching you grow! We love you so so very much <3


  1. January 30, 2015 / 11:00 pm

    What a great update! I love seeing these. Makes me miss these things with my two. So many firsts and milestones. Have to remember the bad bits too before I forget and want another one 😉

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