Little | 3 Month Update

So today you are 3 months old! I honestly cannot believe you have been with us 3 months already, although it seems like you have been with us forever.

Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: It changes dependent on the light. Sometimes you are light blonde like Mummy was as a baby and sometimes you are slightly ginger like Daddy.


I had you weighed on Tuesday and you weighed 12lb 11oz compared to 11lb 14oz two weeks before.


You are still on Cow & Gate First Infant Milk with size 1 teats. We still make up 150ml bottles and sometimes you drain these, but other times you will leave a little bit, so we will probably start making up 180ml bottles. You feed about every 3 hours during the day but some days you are hungrier than usual.


You wear 0-3 month clothes but they are still sometimes too big for you. You now wear size 2 nappies although again they are too big around your tiny little waist.


You don’t really have a daytime routine, you wake anytime between 5 and 8 then normally go back to sleep after a bottle. You are awake for a lot more of the day and you now enjoy both your bouncer and play mat.


You seem to have got into a very good bedtime routine which consists of bathtime (which you love!) on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday (as you have such sensitive delicate skin) half an hour before your last feed. You have your last feed between 8pm and 9pm and sleep through until the morning! This makes for a happy Mummy!

Things You Love
  • You love your bath time until you have to get out, although you are getting used to the fact you have to eventually get out. Bath time is becoming a two person job as you kick yourself off the bath to get out of you seat like a monkey!
  • You still love your bottle. I think you will be such a good eater.
  • You love your muslin squares. You suck on them to put yourself to sleep or comfort yourself if you are sad.
  • You finally love to spend time in both your bouncer and activity mat!
  • You love to sleep in your cot, but do enjoy sleepy cuddles in bed with Mummy and Daddy!
  • You love music and bright lights. Kisstory is a strong favourite of yours.
  • You love to talk and make noises. As well as smile. You are such a happy and content baby.
  • You love to sit up and even try to sit yourself up. You can hold yourself up as long as your supported at the sides.
  • And of course you love Mummy and Daddy and generally anyone who gives you attention!
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