Little | 4 Month Update

Today you turn 4 months old, you have brought me so much happiness in such a short space of time!

Eye Colour: Blue although sometimes they look Hazel!
Hair Colour: Your hair is getting darker although after a bath it looks very light.

I had you weighed on Tuesday and you weighed 14lb 6.5oz. You weigh over a stone now!!
You are still on Cow & Gate First Infant Milk with size 1 teats. We make up 180ml bottles and sometimes you drain them and other times you can leave up to 60ml. You normally feed every 3ish hours during the day but you will sometimes go longer!
You are still wearing 0-3 month clothes although you won’t be in them for much longer! You are still in size 2 nappies but again it won’t be long before we have to move you up a size!!
You’ve got yourself into your own little routine. You wake up about half 7/8ish and have a little chat/giggle to yourself in your cot. We then get you up, change your nappy and then feed you! You then have another little play on the floor or sofa whilst Mummy has her breakfast. You then have a nap whilst Mummy gets ready. The day then begins!
You are still such a good girl, going to bed around 9pm every night and sleeping through the night. You still bath every other day around 8pm, have your last feed at 8.30pm and are in bed asleep by 9pm! You even put yourself to sleep in your cot some nights!! 
Things You Love
  • You still love your bath time! You love to kick your legs and splash about. You also try and eat the water that may drip on your face!!
  • You still love your bottle, getting excited as soon as you see it!! You even had your first taste of fruit the other day!! If you follow me on instagram you would have seen the video 😀
  • You still love your muslin squares. You suck on them to put yourself to sleep or comfort yourself if you are sad.
  • You love to be independent and lay on the floor, kicking your legs and moving around.
  • You love to spend time in your cot if your feeling a bit sad, it calms you down!
  • You are still such a happy and content baby! You find the silliest things funny but your laugh is so contagious! You love to have a chat and a smile.
  • You love to squeal if you are not getting attention!!
  • You love to grap everything you can now and grasp your toys. You are so interested in new things and everything goes in the mouth although you don’t actually like anything (other than your bottle and hand) in your mouth!
  • You are trying your hardest to sit up still and now roll over, but I think you are a bit scared!!
  • You love your Mumy and Daddy the most, but you are happy to go to other people, as long as you are getting attention.

We love you so much, you make us so happy!


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