Scarlett | 5 Month Update

I am sitting here writing this a day early because as you are reading this I am at Harry Potter at Leavesden!! EEEEEEEEK 😀

5 months you have been part of our lives! What did I ever do with my time before you? You make us so proud every single day,

Eye Colour: Mainly blue but I can still see a hint of hazel.
Hair Colour: Your hair colour changes every day. Sometimes your hair is very light, other times it is dark with reddy parts.


On Tuesday we had you weighed and you weighed 15lb 11oz! You are still between the 50th and 75th percentile.


You are still on Cow & Gate First Infant Milk and probably will be until you are ready for cows milk. Most of your bottles still have size 1 teats as they are variflow teats but a few of yours are size 2 (due to them coming with slow flow teats!) You now have 4 x 210ml bottles although you do not always finish these. You have also been having baby rice and fruit for your breakfast for about a month now and you are doing so well. You are managing to go 4 hours between bottles now which is brilliant.


You have finally moved into your 3-6 month clothes and my goodness was I sad putting your 0-3 month clothes away 🙁 I’m not sure how long these will fit you because you seem to be growing so quickly! You are still in Size 2 nappies (we use them from Morrisons) but a Size 3 for bed as 2’s are a bit snug but 3’s swamp you!


You have changed your routine a bit now due to eating breakfast. You still wake up between half 7/8ish, have your baby rice with fruit and then play on your play gym whilst Mummy has her breakfast. You then have your first bottle at about 9/9:30 and then normally go to sleep. You sleep anything from half an hour to a few hours or not at all sometimes!!


You are still such a good girl when it comes to sleeping through the night. You have your last feed at about 8:30pm and then go to bed. You used to put yourself to sleep but lately you’ve needed to be cuddled or have your back rubbed! Sometimes you will have a bit of a disturbed night but I think that is due to you rolling onto your front during the night.

Things You Love
  • You still love a sleepy cuddle as do I!
  • Bath time is also still a firm favourite, even if you are in a bad mood beforehand.
  • Now that you can roll, you love to roll onto your front and moan until we put you onto your back for you to do it all again!
  • You still get excited when you see your bottle and love your milk!
  • You also love your baby rice in the morning but not plain, it has to have be with fruit but mushed up banana is definitely your favourite!
  • You love to be free and independent, moving around on the floor, rolling over and sliding across the floor.
  • You love to grab anything that is in front of you and your grip is so tight. You are able to hold things in your hand for quite a while now and your hand eye coordination is getting so much better!
  • You love being able to see the world. You even sat up for the first time by yourself for a few seconds!! 
  • You love being social and you have such a cute sounding voice. 
  • You love being made to jump! You find it so funny aha!!
  • You are still such a happy and content baby! You are so lovely to be around.
  • You also love to facetime Daddy whilst he is at work, the sound of his voice makes you smile!
As always we love you so much and could not be prouder of you!

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  1. August 3, 2014 / 9:32 pm

    this is such a lovely idea! are you doing this kind of thing once a month or more regularly? xxx

  2. August 4, 2014 / 5:45 am

    I do this once a month so I can look back and see when she could roll over, crawl, walk etc xx

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