Scarlett | 7 Month Update

How are you 7 months old? I know I say it every month but I honestly cannot believe how fast these 7 months have gone! I would really like you to slow down and stay my baby for just a little bit longer.

Eye Colour: Dark blue but I can still see a tint of hazel in certain lights.
Hair Colour: Fair 🙂


I finally got round to having you weighed and you weighed 17lb 4oz! Nearly a whole 10lb more than your birth weight.


You are still on Cow and Gate Stage 1. We make up 4 x 210ml bottles but you are starting to drop the amount of milk you take. You now have 3 meals a day too! I love being able to sit and eat meals with you 🙂


You are still in size 3-6 month clothes but it won’t be long until you are in 6-9. I have already got most of your 6-9 month wardrobe and I’m so excited to see you in some of the outfit!! You are finally moving into size 4 nappies now but you have such a tiny waist they never fit around your waist.


We are getting more of a day time routine now. You wake any time between 7.30/8, have a bottle and then play time. We then have breakfast about an hour and a half after your bottle. You then go in your cot and put yourself to sleep. Then dependent on what time you wake up you either have another bottle or more playtime and then bottle. Lunch is then about 2 hours after your bottle and then you go back to sleep. If we are out and about this changes a little bit and you will sleep in the car!


You are so much better at sleeping during the day now. There is not screaming until you fall asleep, you go in your cot and put yourself to sleep! I never thought I’d see that day. You are still sleeping through the night and your quality of sleep is so much better now that your in your own room!

Things You Can Do
  • You can sit up by yourself and love to see the world around you.
  • You say ‘dadadadadadadadada’ (poor me!!) constantly especially when your having a bit of a moan!! 
  • You feed yourself finger foods and your pincer grip is amazing!
  • Your legs are so strong and you try and pull yourself up. If we hold your hands you will take steps.
  • You also get into the crawling position but you just haven’t figured out how to actually move!
  • You actually give cuddles now but it has to be on your terms.. They are still amazing though 🙂
  • You have started to recognise certain theme tunes on the TV (bad Mummy!!)
  • You are still such a sociable baby and love being around other people. If you see other children you try your hardest to get their attention.
  • You know how to pull on the heart strings. Especially when we are eating you manage to make us feel guilty and share with you!!
  • You are really trying to form words now and it is such a joy to watch.
Everyday you make us so proud of the things you have achieved. We love to watch you grow although we’d prefer time to go a bit slower. We couldn’t love you anymore if we tried and I hope you grow up knowing how much we adore you 🙂
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