Scarlett | Half Birthday

NOOOOO my baby is growing up too quick! I probably say this in every monthly update but I cannot believe she has been here half a year. Half a year? This amount of time again and we will be celebrating her first birthday!! Can I not just pause here?!

Eye Colour: Blue with a bit of hazel
Hair Colour: Still fair but you do have ginger tinges in certain lights


I have been a terrible Mummy and not had you weighed this month so that is on my to-do list for this week. I’m sure you are still gaining weight as you still love your milk and you have been having the odds bit of food.


You are still on Cow and Gate Stage 1. We make up 210ml bottles but I will probably up this now that you are 6 months. You have 4 bottles a day as you have started lasting 4 hours between feeds. You love food. Anything we are eating you watch with intent. You know what to do too. If we give you finger foods you hold them and bring them to your mouth. You have also started chewing food although sometimes you struggle to swallow it down. From today we will start offering you 3 meals a day 🙂


You are still in size 3-6 month clothes and some of your Next sleepsuits are still too big! You are definitely petite. We are still having to overlap the tapes as your middle is so teeny.


You wake up normally about 8/8.30 apart from when Daddy is off work when you get up at 7/7.30!! You are getting so much better at sleeping during the day. Its not such a fight and I am also able to put you in your cot which means I get time to do odd jobs (like write this post!!). Instead of trying to stick to a sleep routine during the day I just wait until you are tired to put you down.


As I said above you are getting much better at sleeping during the day. You still sleep through the night. We have started bringing your bedtime forward as you are sleeping in until gone 8 so your last feed is now at 8pm, bed by 8.30 and eventually we will bring your last feed forward to 7.30pm and then eventually 7pm. I still worry as you sleep on your front although we always place you on your back. I always knew you’d be a front sleeper though!

Things You Love
  • You love sitting up and playing with toys.
  • You also love your jumperoo and you even bounce when standing up out of your jumperoo!
  • You still love your bottles and you have started rubbing your muslin on the side of your face when feeding.
  • You love to be sung too, especially Daddy singing Humpty Dumpty.
  • You love playing games like peek-a-boo etc as you anticipate what will happen!
  • You love being out and about!
  • You love socialising and have started to notice other babies when out and about.
  • You love food times. You smile at people as if to show off how cute you are when eating!
  • You LOVE wotsits although I’m trying to stop you from eating them as you are not too keen on vegetables!
  • You still love your bathtime as you love kicking your legs and flooding the whole bathroom!!
  • You still love your Mummy and Daddy and we love you too!
Scarlett we are so proud of the happy and content baby girl you have become. There is no one I would rather spend every waking minute with. You never fail to make us laugh and we are forever saying to eachother ‘she is just the cutest!’ We are forever telling you how much you mean to us, which is absolutely everything!!
Happy Half Birthday beautiful <3

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  1. September 2, 2014 / 9:55 pm

    They grow so fast don't they? She is a beautiful little thing and it sounds like she is developing perfectly! x

  2. September 3, 2014 / 4:01 am

    I know it's crazy! Aww thank you very much xx

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