Sea Life London Aquarium & Behind The Scenes Tour | Review

Sea Life London Aquarium & Behind The Scenes Tour | Review
We were kindly gifted these tickets in return for this review. But all opinions are our own and 100% honest.

I have been meaning to take the girls to the aquarium since Little S was about 2 years old. She is now 4 and currently at her first day at school (by the time you are reading this)! We were kindly invited along to visit the Sea Life London Aquarium as a final family day out before we are bound by school holidays. To help the girls get as excited as me, I spent many a minutes scrolling their Instagram page, showing them the videos of all the “fish” (Baby L thought everything was a fish, including the sharks)!

The Sea Life London Aquarium is easy to get to, being just a short walk from Waterloo Station. The building itself is wheelchair and pushchair friendly, however as we visited in the school holidays we found we kept getting stuck whilst walking around. This is probably something you should consider if you are visiting with a pushchair!

After picking up our tickets we were guided to join a queue to enter. Being our first time visiting, we were a bit unsure whether we were joining a general queue or the queue for the lift but it all became clear as we reached the shark walk. Walking over a glass window with views of sharks just casually swimming around was pretty amazing. Little S was a little unsure but Baby L was in awe! I would have liked to have spent a bit more time enjoying the view, but I felt under pressure as the queue was mounting up behind us.

Sea Life London Aquarium Review

We then entered ray lagoon where I waited for our behind the seas tour, whilst James and the girls watched the rays. I never realised how many profiles of rays there actually is. Whenever I think of a ray I automatically think of stingrays.

Anyway I digress, back to our day out. We were greeted by a lovely gentleman dead on the time our behind the scenes tour was booked for. We were taken to the working areas that are usually closed for the public. The gentleman giving us our tour was very knowledgeable and you could tell that this was a passion of this. I honestly came away feeling like I had learnt a lot. The girls loved having the place to themselves (as we were the only ones booked onto the 11:30am tour) and they were actually really interested. There were magnifying glasses for them to use to view the species up close and personal! We even got to see the shells that crabs had shed. I didn’t even know crabs shed their shells! I would highly recommend adding this on to your ticket because if I’m honest, it made the day for me. And it was nice to get away from the crowds for a while!

Behind The Scenes Tour | Sea Life London Aquarium

After our behind the scenes tour we made our way around the rest of the Sea Life London Aquarium. I found myself becoming quite frustrated by the way other people would just walk in front of the pushchair with no regard to my little girl trying to also see the fish! She would have loved to get out to explore properly but it was just too busy. Which of course is not Sea Life’s fault, purely the time we visited (which they do not recommend!). If we were to visit again we would definitely not visit in the school holidays or make sure we get their earlier, or a little later maybe.

The girls loved that all the tanks were easily visible and that you could get right up close. Little S had lots of questions to ask and luckily for us all the information we needed was at our viewing. I think her favourite was the penguins and we got the cutest photo together (it is definitely one to treasure!).

Sea Life London Aquarium

My favourite (apart from the behind the scenes tour of course) was the tunnel through a tank where the sharks and fish swam above us. However this did get very clogged up and despite the Sea Life staff trying to get a good system, unfortunately not many people actually listened!

We had a lovely, but busy day at the Sea Life London Aquarium. There was lots for the whole family to look at and lots to learn. I’m gutted we couldn’t have spent longer there but it was just too busy (and Little S wanted to visit M&M world!!). It is definitely somewhere we will visit again in the future, maybe once Baby L is out of the pushchair!

Have you visited the Sea Life London Aquarium lately? I would love to hear what your favourite part was or if you are planning a visit, what you are most looking forward to.


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