Should You Follow Guidelines?

When I was pregnant I constantly felt like people were fed up of me refusing to eat certain things. People kept telling me “oh I never listened to the guidance and nothing happened”, “guidelines change all the time they need to make their mind up” or “my Nan ate all that and my Mum survived!”

I personally didn’t want to do anything that could risk mine or my child’s health. It was my first baby so I followed everything completely and probably did to much of what others said rather than make my own choices. But when it came to foods to avoid I made my own choices.

It’s mainly soft cheeses like brie and camembert. This never bothered me as I’ve never tried either of these before! The reason for this is because they are perfect breading ground for bacteria’s such as listeria.

This did bother me however. I LOVE pate. Brussels pate to be precise. I didn’t eat this the whole of my pregnancy and Christmas was the worst as this is the time of year I eat lots of it. I made James promise to make me Pate on french bread as soon as I had our baby!! Again this is because it may contain listeria as it’s not thoroughly cooked.

Runny Egg
This didn’t really bother me at home as I’d have a poached egg but when out for meals it did bother me as I didn’t trust them to cook it enough so would just rather not have it at all. This is because there is a risk of salmonella food poisoning.

Uncooked Meats
I am obsessed with checking meat before eating it anyway. If meat looks a tiny bit pink I will not eat it. I don’t eat many meats either only really chicken, beef mince, gammon, sausages and bacon. So not being able to eat rare meats did not affect me although it did worry me more so when pregnant. The reason for this is because there is a potential risk of toxoplasmosis (an infection caused by a parasite).

I am not a fan of fish although I don’t mind tuna. Guidelines state that you should not have more than 4 tins a week because of the mercury contained.

I knew this contained caffeine but I wasn’t really aware of how much. At the beginning of my pregnancy I completely went off food apart from chocolate. A 50g bar of chocolate a day is the guidelines and I think I probably went over this sometimes although I always had in the back of my mind about my caffeine intake.

I smoked before I fell pregnant with Scarlett. As she was a surprise I did smoke for part of my pregnancy when I didn’t know I was pregnant. But as soon as I found out I gave up as did my partner and Mum. I cannot imagine myself smoking nowadays!

I’m not a drinker. I don’t really like the taste and I hate not being in control of my body. But I found as soon as I was pregnant every social get together involved alcohol and the urge was definitely there. I think I probably had 1 glass of wine my whole pregnancy!

Do you agree with me or do you feel the same as my friends? What were the things you struggled with not being allowed whilst pregnant?

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