The Siblings Project | February 2017

It’s that time of the month again (no not that one!) where I join in with the siblings project and share my favourite photos of this month. Every month it gets harder to get photo’s of the girls. Baby rolls one way and Little tries to get her back again.

Little has this new smile where she just grits her teeth. Trying to get a photo where she looks genuinely happy compared to angry happy is quite the challenge!

So here are my chosen siblings photos for February..


This is one of my favourite photo’s of this month. So much so that I’ve actually had it made into a canvas! I just love the way Little looks at her baby sister. Clearly Baby has seen something a lot more interesting. This is exactly how I imagine their relationship to be once Baby is properly on the move. Baby off doing her own thing whilst Little fights for her attention!


You know the gritted teeth I mentioned above – here is photo evidence. Baby looks confused and Little looks as though she’s thinking “if I smile she’ll get that camera out of my face!” But how could I not snap a few pictures when they look this cute in coordinating tops. Baby definitely looks up to her big sister and she cannot wait to be on the move with her!


Ok so you can’t actually see their faces but I absolutely adore this photo. That button nose and all the hands! Just look at them exploring each other. Little can be so patient with her sometimes! Baby doesn’t yet know just how lucky she is.

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