the siblings project

The Siblings Project | March 2017

How fast are these months flying by? This is my fifth month of joining in with The Siblings Project and you can really see how my girls have grown since November. I now have a three year old and an almost 6 month old who will be beginning her weaning journey! Sometimes I still cannot believe I even have one let alone two children.

the siblings project

I have to admit that these photos were taken very last minute. Natural photos aren’t that easy to get with these two now that Baby is on the move. They are either rolling around with each other or at either ends of the room. So the other day I popped them both in the cot in the hope that neither of them could get away from the camera!

siblings project

Little still grits her teeth whenever she is asked to smile! She often gets a little over excited around her sister and we have to remind her to be a bit gentle. Despite this Baby still absolutely adores her and watches everything she does with such intent.

the siblings project

The older Baby gets the less I think she looks like her big sister until I see a photo of them together. Then I can see similarities. They are definitely the same personality wise although – crazy gooses!

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