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Firstly I would like to thank Ellen from El and Baby A for the nomination.

Just a few rules:

– Thank the Blogger who nominated you
– Put the Logo on your Blog
– Answer the 10 questions put to you by the Blogger
– Nominate 10 Bloggers
– Give the 10 Bloggers, 10 new questions

Now for the questions Ellen gave to me:
What has been the biggest change in your life in the last year?
So much has changed in the last year for me. I went on Maternity Leave, had my beautiful daughter, moved into my partners parents until our house is ready but the biggest would have to be the birth of my daughter! Having a baby is such a huge change but the best change EVER!
Who’s your favourite Disney character?
I love everything Disney. I cannot wait to relive my youth re-watching Disney films!! But my favourite Disney character has got to be Eeyore as he is just so cute, even though he is grumpy all the time.  
One item you couldn’t go a day without.
I’m sure most people would say this but.. my phone! It has captured so many amazing memories of Scarlett and I’m very rarely without it!
Your favourite blogger or vlogger.
This is a mean question because there are so many amazing bloggers/vloggers out there. But one of my favourites has to be the lovely Alex from Bump to Baby. I love her writing style and I love reading about their super cute family and home!
You’re on a desert island and you can only bring three things, what are they?
Scarlett – I cannot be away from her for more than a few hours or I feel lost!
Water – an obvious necessity! 
Duvet – so we can snuggle and watch the stars together (or keep warm if it’s cold!)
Have you got any pet hates?
Yes – lots!! But my biggest is people parking in Parent and Toddler Bays either with no children or their teenage children. You clearly do not need more room to get your teen out of the car..
Have you got a nickname, where did it come from?
As my name is Amy it’s pretty short already but occasionally I get called Aims. When I was at school I was nicknamed Greeny as my surname is Green!! 
Biggest guilty pleasure.
It has to be naughty foods. I love eating out! But one day I will stop eating out and focus on losing my baby weight!!
If you could buy yourself one thing, it can be anything, what would it be?
A house big enough for more children! We currently rent and I would love to be able to buy myself a house and it would obviously need to be big enough for more children!!
Describe your life in a short sentence.
At the moment it is very stressful, caotic, disturbed but also amazingly beautiful!
I now nominate:
Alex from Bump to Baby
Romeca from Beauty, Bump & Me
Jenna from Chic Geek Diary
Jenna from Tinyfootsteps
Kirsty from Tiny Baby Socks
Emily from Emily and Indiana
My 10 questions to you:
1. If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?
2. What is your favourite must-have beauty product?
3. Who is your blogspiration?
4. What is your usual daily routine?
5. If you could have any career, what would it be?
6. Where is your favourite place to visit?
7. Where is your favourite place to shop for baby clothes?
8. What is your biggest traffic source?
9. Why did you chose your blog name?
10. Ketchup, mayonnaise or brown sauce?
I hope you will join in and please leave your links in the comments so I can have a read 🙂

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