I’ve been quite enjoying Slimming World of late. But the one thing I struggle with is finding breakfasts that will fill me up without using both of my healthy extras. Porridge seems to keep me full for hours but then I struggle for options with lunch and dinner. So I have been on the hunt for slimming world breakfast ideas that use only one or none of my healthy extras.

Slimming World Breakfast Ideas Using No Healthy Extras


All you need is 4 large eggs, a dash of milk and some muffin cases. Add any fillings you like and BAM you have a completely syn free breakfast. They are freezer friendly and can be a perfect snack to keep in the fridge too! Two Hearts One Roof has a recipe if you fancy giving them a try.

Fruit & Yogurt

Exactly what it says on the tin. An apple dipped in a toffee mullerlight feels like a bit of a treat. Gives that bit of crunch and is completely syn free and lots of speed!

Grill up

I tend to save this for the weekend so that I feel like I’m being a bit naughty. Aldi low fat pork sausages are the closest I’ve found to a proper sausage and are only 2 syns each. A lower syn sausage that I don’t mind the taste of are Heck Chicken Italia sausages at 0.5 syns each!


Yet to try this because to me this is more of a lunch or dinner than a breakfast. But it can be syn free and no need to use either of your healthy extras.

Slimming World Breakfast Ideas Using Only 1 Healthy Extra

Omelette (HEXA)

This can totally be made using neither of your healthy extras but I love to put a bit of cheese in my omelettes. Just gives it more of a flavour! Ham and cheese are my favourite fillings with a bit of spring onion for speed.

Baked oats (HEXB)

I tried these for the first time the other day with the other half of the mullerlight drizzled on top and OH. MY. GOODNESS. Why had I never tried this before? I add fruit to the finished product instead of in the recipe to save on syns!

Beans/egg on toast/sandwich (HEXB)

Even throw a bit of bacon in to make it more exciting. Scrambled eggs on toast reminds me of my childhood so its a real comfort for me! So makes the perfect slimming world breakfast in my opinion.

Overnight oats (HEXB)

One of my favourite slimming world breakfast choices! I love the texture of this. My favourite toppings/fillings is a vanilla mullerlight and strawberries!

Oat Pancakes (HEXB)I am a massive pancake lover yet I haven’t tried these yet! Definitely one for this weekend. I’m going to try this delicious looking recipe from Frugal Family.

What are your go to slimming world breakfast recipes? Or do you have a recipe that can be adapted to suit the plan?