So Yesterday..

Yesterday was one of those days that started at 6:27am, to be precise! Having to wake James up (who was asleep on the sofa, AGAIN!) so he wouldn’t be late for work and then a Little person joining me in bed and moaning about the cover not being right or my arm not in the right position! After spending an hour trying to persuade Little to go back to bed I gave up and we went and got our breakfast.

I have days where I’m so tired I can barely keep my eyes open and that is no exaggeration! I don’t like being this tired because I get grouchy and the smallest things bug me. I take things out on the people who don’t deserve it and I waste time being so exhausted too move! That day was yesterday.
Little spent the morning taking every toy out and spreading it around the living room, then ignoring me when I asked her to put them back! We then went to the Strawberry Fayre at the local school to volunteer our face painting skills for an hour before heading to my friends to meet her 10 day out little boy!! Cuteness overload I might add! There she was pretty okay behaved apart from getting tired and a bit grouchy.

Once back at home I just wanted to collapse on the sofa whilst James cooked dinner. Little had other ideas as she disappeared into her bedroom where I found her covered in Metanium cream with a little bit added to her carpet for decoration!!

By 7pm I was ready to give up so I popped to the shop to get myself a little treat for the evening once Little was in bed. My evening consisted of OITNB, doughnuts and the sofa 👍🏼

I hope this isn’t the start of terrible twos and I’m hoping it was me totally overreacting as I was just so exhausted! I’m feeling slightly better after an early night but I still can’t pluck the energy to get motivated.. Wahhhhhhh!!

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