Sun Joe SPX3001 Pressure Washer 2019 Reviews

Sun Joe is a brand name that has been associated with pressure washers for years now. People now know that if they own a Sun Joe pressure washer, they will end up experiencing the best performance generally. Well, that is what you get when you opt to get the SPX3001 pressure washer model from Sun Joe. 

So, what makes this model great? That is what we get to look at in this review. We look at its features and the potential merits and demerits of owning the pressure washer. Let us get into the review already. 

Sun Joe SPX3001 Reviews
Sun Joe SPX3001


First of all, the powerful 14.5amp motor stands out for the pressure washer. This motor is able to deliver an impressive water pressure of up to 2030PSI. This type of pressure is enough to handle different applications you might have in mind. The model comes with five quick connect spray tips making it even better to swap them whenever you want. For its pressure delivery, it should be good to tackle light to medium cleaning projects. 

As for the spray tips, the sizes include 0, 15, 25, 40, and an additional soap nozzle. All of them can easily be stored onboard. This helps you reach the nozzles whenever you need them. 

The on-board reel is also worth mentioning. The hose reel aids you to keep the 20-foot hose organized so that it does not end up having tangling issues later on when you have to use it. Also, the reel helps in winding up the hose once you are done using it. 

The SPX3001 model also has the Total Stop System (TSS), which is an important safety feature. The system will automatically shut off the washer’s pump whenever the trigger is not engaged. This translates to having a model that saves energy and will lead to having a prolonged pump life. 

Another great feature is the extra-large soap tank. The tank has a capacity of 40.6 fluid ounces. This just goes on to show that it would be great to use for long without refilling all the time. You can now clean a large surface area with ease. 

The model also comes with a long spray wand at 34 inches and an electric power cord at 35 feet. As you can see, the washer will now have a great reach to different locations for ease of cleaning. People will often use it for cleaning under decks, behind grills, and other hard to reach surfaces. 

Since it is CSA approved, it just goes on to show that the model is reliable and durable. To make it even better, the manufacturer gives you a two-year warranty with the model. You can now purchase it with confidence knowing it would last for longer. 

For its weight of 32 pounds, the pressure washer is generally good to deliver on ease of movement. You will always find it easy to move it around as compared to the heavy pressure washers. 


  • The model comes with a lot of power from its small motor.
  • The long power cord and hose makes it easy to reach different areas 
  • It comes with a hose reel for better management of the washer’s hose 
  • It does not use a lot of water since its flow rate is 1.57 GPM


  • The hose tends to wear out quickly 
  • It cannot work with hot water 

Bottom Line 

On overall, the Sun Joe SPX3001 is a top quality model. It comes with all the right features that should make it great for various cleaning projects. The best part is that the washer is within the affordable range. Setting it up is also easy and you should be good to get started. Well, if this is something you want, then go ahead to get the model to start enjoying its features. 

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