The Rules Of Nap Club..

We all know the one rule of fightclub is..

‘You DO NOT talk about fight club!’

Well this is not quite fight club, more like nap club and in nap club we talk about nap club!

Well that’s what I’m hoping because I could really do with some help.

It’s no secret that my daughter does not like to nap. Instead she likes to cry and arch her back until shes absolutely knackered so has no choice but to nap!

I just don’t understand – okay I get that there are things going on that you feel you might miss, but take it from me, when your napping all I do is catch up on housework or something really boring!

Nightime for us is not a problem. She has her last feed and goes into her cot and sleeps the whole night (I hope I don’t ruin this by saying it out loud!)

She doesn’t arch her back, she doesn’t get angry, she doesn’t cry until she falls asleep, she just sleeps! We say our goodnights, put her in her cot, turn on her mobile and leave the room.

Sleeping baby on the sofa!

I feel like I have tried everything.

I’ve put her into her cot with her mobile on as we do at bedtime, but she gets worked up!

I’ve tried holding her and rocking her too sleep, she arches her back and cries!

I’ve tried going for a walk in the pushchair, she gets angry and cries until shes picked up (she will then sleep!).

I feel like everything I am doing, isn’t right for her and she want’s to do the opposite. She also won’t fall asleep on anyone but me.

So if any of you have any tips to help her nap during the day, please shed some light!!

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