Things I Wish I Knew When Buying For Baby

There are so many things I wish I knew when buying for our baby. I think I was pretty naive when buying for baby and didn’t really do my research as I was just too excited to buy the first things I saw!

So the things I wish I knew..

1. Baby shoes are cute but just not needed. Scarlett has a box full of shoes that she has never worn because when she was newborn she lived in sleepsuits and then as she got bigger she just kicked them off or I just never put them on her!!

2. Co-sleeper cribs are the best invention ever! I never knew these existed until I started blogging. By this time Scarlett was pretty settled in her crib. But when she was newborn she didn’t settle very well in her crib but slept perfectly in our bed, meaning I never slept for fear of squashing her etc.

3. Don’t overbuy neutral clothes if you don’t know the sex of baby. I bought everything possible in neutral but when Scarlett was born I wanted her to look like a girl so I didn’t really use the neutral baby clothes apart from the vests.

4. Baby essential boxes seem a good idea at the time but the reality is most of the items will not get used. I brought the Johnsons Baby Essentials Box but I have never used the baby oil or lotion and I have only used the baby bath if I have run out of the bedtime bath!

5. There is such a thing as a car seat that is suitable from birth all the way to 4 years! This could have saved us a lot of money as once Scarlett turns 9 months we are going to have to buy a new car seat.

6. A breast pump is a good idea even if you can’t breastfeed. I never brought a breast pump because I thought it would be a waste of money if I couldn’t breastfeed. How silly was I? Now looking back I wish I had expressed for Scarlett when I couldn’t breastfeed instead of using formula!
7. A baby carrier will save time when running errands. I wish I knew this when Scarlett was newborn as I spent so much time getting the pushchair in and out of the car when just popping out when I could have just got Scarlett out. I have learnt my lesson and now have one 🙂

What did you wish you knew when buying for your baby?

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