Tips For Giving Medicine To Children

With Baby being so poorly lately, medicine has been a massive part of our day. Before she was given antibiotics she was having alternate calpol and nurofen and that in itself was a struggle. At only four months she has mastered the art of using her tongue to push the syringe out and if that fails, just spitting it out!

The only way we’ve got the medicine down her is if she is crying and her head is tipped back. This is not ideal four times a day so I asked some fellow parent bloggers for their tried and tested ideas.


“Both my pair hate medicine, our top trick is spiking their milk! We tried a medicine dummy with Freddie but he’s not impressed with it!” Victoria from Mummy to My Little Cheeky Monkey

Lisa from Leelee Loves had a very good idea: “Taylor doesn’t usually mind taking medicine. However, recently he got really worked up with a fever and refused the antibiotics after an hour of trying, including putting a dose in a cup of milk. We convinced him by using toy animals who told him it was good for him and would make him feel better. He didn’t believe it when we said it but he listened to a giraffe.”

The next point is something that would definitely work with my stubborn Little. Hannah from Hi Baby said “Luisa hated all medicine – even calpol. We tried every trick I could think of and eventually had to resort to using suppositories when she got bronchiolitis at about 4 months. One day when she was about 20 months, after another long fight and several crafty attempts I just handed her the calpol syringe and she took it herself with 0 fuss. Turned out letting her be independent solved our problem. Now she happily takes it when needs be.”

“With babies my nurse told me to lay them back like when feeding, introduce them to the feel of the syringe first then squirt small amounts into the back corners of the mouth allowing them to swallow before popping anymore in. Can take a few mins but works for Callie.” Jade from Late For Reality

Amy from 2boys1mum is a paediatric nurse and has written her top tips for giving antibiotics to a baby including which ones taste the worst

Is there anything you would add to this list? How do you manage to get medicine into your child?


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