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How I Keep On Top Of The Washing In Winter

how i keep up with the washing in winter

Where does all the washing come from? I mean seriously there is only 4 of us. 2 of which wear uniform for at least half the week. I’m certain there is someone else living here that I don’t know about! Either that or we are just messy humans!! I’m leaning more towards the latter! So here are my top tips for keeping on top of the washing in winter..

Routine, routine, routine

At risk of sounding like an absolute party animal, I have to say that routine is absolute key for me as a working parent. I have certain days that I wash certain things. For example, all work uniform goes in the machine on a Friday evening, ready to hang up on a Saturday morning, thus being ready for Monday! Towels go in on a Saturday morning and bedding on a Sunday. Then the rest I do as and when I have an airer spare to dry them!


I don’t have a tumble dryer, I know what you’re thinking, “how do you cope with washing in winter?” But I do have the next best thing. A heated airer¬†from JML! Which by the way costs so much less than an actual tumble drier. Plus it heats my bedroom at the same time and leaves that freshly warmed clothes smell! Oh and it means I don’t have to iron the clothes either, #WINNING!


I also use a non-heated airer so I can really keep on top of the washing. I use this for things that we don’t need quickly but obviously need washing. As the airer is always up and in use, I don’t want it being a feature point of my living room, so we place it in our hall way. We are very lucky in that we have a super long hallway with a window that lets lots of light through. This helps our washing to dry and allows air to circulate without leaving us chilly!

Be an oppurtunist

As soon as the sun appears to be poking out, get outside and hang that washing on the line! If you take note of tip 1 and get a routine, you’ll always have a load ready to pop on that line!

So here are a few of the ways I keep on top of my washing in winter. What is your top tip?

*I was sent the Dribuddy to feature in this post, however all opinions are my own*

How I keep on top of my washing in winter


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