Chickenpox Survival Kit

Chickenpox Survival Kit

Chickenpox is one of those things that every child is going to come in to contact with at some point. It just so happens that now is that time for both my girls. I’ve been dealing with chickenpox for over 2 weeks now so I like to think of myself as an expert!! So I thought I would pass on my knowledge with how I managed to survive two rounds of chickenpox.

Just a note to say I know all children suffer with it differently. Little S literally had spots and was a little uncomfortable. My poor Baby L has really suffered and is now on antibiotics due to some getting infected. Things to look out for is the skin around the blisters becoming red, swollen, hot or painful.

My chickenpox survival kit

  • Medicines and creams in the home just incase

The hardest thing about having a child with chickenpox (other than not being able to take the pain away) is not being able to just pop to the shops should you need something. Having a supply of medicines and creams can help solve that!

  • Pain relief and antihistamine medicine

Calpol every 4 hours and Piriton twice a day (check the dosage on the instructions for your own child) was the only thing that gave L a bit of relief in those early days. S managed with only Piriton before bed and Calpol when needed. But with L we had to keep her dosed up. REMEMBER DO NOT USE NUROFEN!

  • Cooling creams 

With S we used calamine lotion as she didn’t have that many but this didn’t work for L as she was covered. Calomine lotion is a bit of a palaver to apply as you apply it directly to the spot so that would have taken all day with L. So instead we used ViraSoothe and this seemed to help cool her skin and was easy to just rub all over her body!

  • Loose or even better, no clothing

If their skin is feeling irritable the last thing they want is to be wearing tight clothing. Most of the time L just spent time in a vest but obviously if its not the weather then loose clothing should be fine.

Tips For Surviving Chicken Pox

  • Baths and lots of them

Another thing that soothed L was a nice cool bath. We tried an oat bath too but obviously because L is still so young we are unsure whether it helped at all! Just remember when drying them to pat the skin instead of rubbing it!

  • Lots to drink and tasty foods

It is so important that they stay hydrated. Luckily for me both girls still drunk loads but they were definitely off their food. L would wake in the night hungry and would demand fruit pouches and little fruit sweets! To be honest I was just happy she was eating!!


The biggest one of us. The last thing you want is for them to be itching their skin constantly. For S this was in the form of her tablet but with L it was just constant attention. So do whatever works for your child!

But my biggest tip is to just do whatever your child needs. I didn’t realise chicken pox could be so evil! I didn’t manage to do any housework or put on any fun activities, but thats ok. Because its only 7 days, so enjoy the cuddles!

What was your must have item when in the throw of chicken pox? Wine totally counts 😉

*We were sent Virasoothe but under no obligation to feature it. It is only featured because it honestly helped*





  1. April 18, 2018 / 7:48 am

    We are dealing with chicken pox too, my daughter had it and then three weeks later my son came down with it badly. They are healing now but he will be scabby for our holiday next week xx

    • Amy
      April 23, 2018 / 10:03 am

      Oh no! I feel like my life has been chickenpox lately but I’m so glad to be out the other side 🙂

  2. lovemaisie
    April 24, 2018 / 10:39 am

    I remember having chicken pox as a child and it was horrible! Will deffo be saving this post for when the time comes for my little one! x

    • Amy
      April 24, 2018 / 1:48 pm

      I don’t remember having it but I didn’t realise how awful they could be x

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