A Review Of The Toddlebike2

toddlebike2 review

I was going to wait until Christmas to give this to Baby L but I was a little too excited. The toddlebike2, a unique “pre-balance” bike, has had a little redesign and I have to admit I am loving the new look.

When the delivery driver handed over what felt like an empty box, I knew exactly what it was. Jo, the founder of Toddlebike, had pre-warned me but I didn’t think it would be that light! I have to admit the weight did concern me a little bit. Baby L is a bit of a bulldozer, bouncing around the house. She has absolutely no fear and is partial to throwing herself with no thoughts on her landing!

However she has rigorously been testing the toddlebike2, along with her almost 4 year old sister, for a few months now and it still looks brand new. At 14 months she hasn’t quite grasped the whole sitting on the seat thing but the bar holds her weight just fine and obviously holds the weight of a very tall 3 and a bit year old!

toddlebike2 review

Another thing I’ve noticed is how well it steers. With its four wheels and built in steering limit its perfect for a toddler like L, who’s balance and co-ordination isn’t quite there. We are yet to use it outside because L is still learning but I am very impressed with how it goes from our laminate flooring to carpet.

Although the handlebar and seat aren’t adjustable they are in easy reach for both beginners and those that are more advanced. It is probably one of the least annoying ride ons that I have come across and has been a welcome addition to our home. Oh and its completely weatherproof so nothing a hose down won’t solve when we take it outside.

Baby L is a bit on the younger side as Jo recommends from around 18 months, but her balance and coordination is definitely improving since owning the toddlebike2. She has gone from just pushing it round, to wanting to climb on and walking with it between her legs! However it does take some time and practice and I’m sure she won’t give up.

toddlebike2 review

The toddle bike 2 is available in ‘Racing Red’, ‘Pinky Pink’ and ‘Midnight Blue’. It retails at £23.95 which I think is amazing considering all materials are CE approved and manufactured in Europe.

*We were sent the toddlebike2 for the purpose of this review but all opinions are our own*

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