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My Top Baby Bedtime Buys

baby bedtime

As a parent all that we hope for is a decent nights sleep. I remember spending most of Little’s early days googling how to get my baby to sleep through the night! We’ve been pretty lucky when it comes to sleep and I’m convinced it’s down to our choice in products.

Snuzpod2 Bedside Crib

So this has been by far been my best investment. Before I was even pregnant with Baby I saw so many people talking about them and I honestly wondered what the hype was about. Surely your baby doesn’t care where they sleep? Maybe I was just blessed with a good sleeper but I honestly wish I had a Snuzpod for Little. At 7 months Baby has only just moved out of her Snuz & I’m honestly heartbroken and haven’t been able to take it down yet!

baby bedtime buys

Sleepyhead Deluxe

Another item that I thought was just a gimmick but we borrowed one from my friend and oh my goodness.. Why did I not know about this the first time around? Little loved to be warm and snug so this meant sleeping on me most of the time. Baby slept in the sleepyhead from a few weeks old and she never once spent a night in our bed.

Cloud B Sleep Sheep*

The Cloud B Sleep Sheep has been a massive part of our bedtime routine from quite a young age. It plays four calming sounds and four melodies. We play the same melody every time Baby is put down for a sleep and have it set to automatically switch off after 45 minutes. The velcro strap makes it easy to attach it to the outside of most cots meaning its always close by.


Neither of my girls have liked having blankets on them and tend to just kick them straight off. Using a grobag meant they felt secure and I knew they were always warm enough. The Gro Company also work closely with The Lullaby Trust to promote safer sleeping.

Mam Night Soother 0+

Not all babies have dummies but if they do this is an absolute must. The Mam Night Soother has a glow in the dark feature that saved me fumbling about in the dark searching for that spat out dummy!

baby bedtime


Both of my girls have never taken to any comforters other than their muslins. Finding a comforter that they love can have a massive impact on their sleep.

What are your must have baby bedtime buys?

*Although we were sent this item for review purposes, this post is not in collaboration and they have only been included because we truly love them*

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  1. The Snuzpod & Sleepyhead Deluxe are both of my wishlist for babies arrival. Although the price makes me sometimes double think. All adds up massively but looks so worth it. Corey only had a muslin as a comforter as a baby never a dummy. Worked a treat always! Even as a toddler lol. Great post 🙂 x @gemandthem

  2. Stacey says:

    Olivia’s taggie and dummy are our must haves. I wish we had got a snuzpod as at 6 weeks we ended moving her out of her moses basket. We also used grobags to ensure that she was snug. If we ever have another a snuzpod and sleepyhead are top of my list.

  3. I definitely want to try a sleepyhead if we have another. I used to use the slumber buddy elephant which projects various colour stars and planets on the ceiling whilst playing a soothing tune. Even I missed this once little one moved into his own room.

    He’s still a stickler for only being able to find comfort by holding one of our fingers though.

  4. My must have has been Euan the Sheep which sounds like your sheep – it has four settings playing music or white noise. I don’t know what I would do without it!

  5. the grobag was such an item for me to instal bedtime routine!!!! I still love them

  6. Oh I wish something worked for my dude other than boobs and being in bed with us!

  7. I’ve heard such good things about the Snuzpod. Wish I’d had one for my two x

  8. Okay so I NEED to invest in a Mam Night Soother – what a good idea!

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