What Us Mums Really Want For Mothers Day

What Us Mums Really Want For Mothers Day

Mums, Dads, partners, sons, daughters, grandchildren – listen up. Gift’s are a nice touch but I know what us Mums REALLY want for Mothers Day. Forget mugs, candles, and photo frames. Us Mums really want..

Me Time

Yep some time for us. Alone.

“Just a little time for me. Only a few hours. A long bath. A trip to the shops alone. I have no child-free time ever except to work and it gets really overwhelming sometimes.” – Danielle

Breakfast In Bed

After a lie in of course 😉

“Breakfast in bed and send the monkey and husband off for a couple of hours leaving me in blissful silence.” – Irina

Role Reversal

A day where you show how much you appreciate what we do, by doing it yourself.

“The day organised for me. Whether it’s a meal out or dinner cooked for me, a day out with the kids or whatever but as long as I don’t have to book it, pay for it and arrange everything for it.” – Sarah

Quality Time As A Family

Without any bickering or toddler melt downs (is that even a thing?)

” One bloody weekend where I don’t have to trail round all the grandparents just so they can see Luisa.” – Hannah

“I’d love to have my nan & grandads back just for one meal. It would be funny as my nan & grandad hated each other!
Failing that, a lay in!” – Kayleigh

Something I Really Want

A gift that I really want but may not be able to buy myself. Maternity leave isn’t the best paying!

“Seeing as any spare money I have for clothes usually gets spent on clothes for my daughters, I would really like a pair of converse trainers for my upcoming holiday.” – Kerry

“Honestly, I’d love a spa experience. God knows I could do with a good massage or skin treatment with a little time to myself (and maybe a glass of champers) but as it’s my second mothers day, I’d just love to be able to relax, I’d love something handmade from my little one (his dad will have to make it with him of course) and a couple of books…I have my eye on Giovanna Fletcher’s book at the moment haha!” – Claire

Handmade Gifts

Such a personal touch and doesn’t even need to be that complicated!

“Pretty flowers, a handmade gift from the littles and the day to run smoothly (well as smoothly as it can with two wild ones!) – Emily


Pretty, colourful flowers is enough to brighten any day.

“Flowers. Cheap, simple, a way to brighten up my day!” – Sophia

& all Sam really really want’s for her first ever Mother’s Day is for baby boy #2 to be here! So get a wiggle on baby boy!

So James if your reading this.. all of the above would be lovely please!

What do you really really want this Mother’s Day?



  1. March 23, 2017 / 5:52 pm

    Aww lots of lovely ideas and things here. Hope baby boy arrives for Sam x

  2. March 24, 2017 / 6:25 pm

    Yep, I would be quite happy to receive all of these. But some time in a spa would be unbelievable. And why settle for a day?! I’d want a whole week at a spa somewhere exotic. Fab post lovely. Hugs Lucy xxxx

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