What’s In My Handbag? #BEDAoutmumbered

Day 8’s prompt of Blog Everyday in August is ‘what’s in your handbag?’

Well I am sure most of you who are Mummy’s will know that handbags are a thing of the past and now we literally carry around everything for our children!

I used to carry around a handbag which my partner referred to as a suitcase! Looking back now I really don’t what I possibly could have carrier that needed such a big bag! In my changing bag the only things that are mine are my purse, phone, car keys, possibly a drink and hand sanitiser.

I have previously posted about What’s In My Changing Bag?! when Scarlett was 2 months old. Not much has changed in my bag apart from the size of the clothes, nappies etc and I now also carry toys and buggy clips from Jojo Manan Bebe.

So this is my handbag! Not very exciting is it! But you can read my post about what I carry in my changing bag here. I plan on updating this in a few months because once she is weaning I am sure it will change.

Did you buy a changing bag or still use your handbag just add your child’s things in too? Or if you are not a Mummy please share you handbag links below so I can have a nosey 🙂

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