Where I Live #BEDAoutmumbered

The prompt for Day 13 of Blog Every Day in August is ‘share pictures of where you live and list a couple of cool things about it.’

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you are probably sick of hearing about the fact we are currently living with my partners parents whilst our new home is being ‘done up!’

So I can’t actually share pictures of where I live or write any cool things about it as it is. But I can show you pictures of how it looks and tell you what I think will be cool about it!

Top left: My living room Top right: Scarlett’s bedroom
Bottom left: The kitchen Bottom right: Our bedroom
Once we are moved in it should be very cool. It will be our first proper family home where I can decorate it to how I want it and Scarlett will have her own room! 
I am so excited to make lots of memories in our new home as a family and make lots of lovely delicious family meals that even Scarlett can eat.
I cannot wait to see everyone else’s posts as I am such a nosy person hehe! 

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