*This is a collaborative post

I’m not sure if its just our house but James is a total scrooge when it comes to turning the heating on. If it was up to me it would be on all day every day! So I’ve had to come to some sort of compromise and come up with some other ideas to keep our home winter warm and in turn save money.

1. Use timers on your heating

We have the heating set up to come on first thing in the morning to take the edge off and in the evening. This way the girls are warm over bath time and before going to bed. Then most days we are at work so there is no need to be on. On the days we are at home I may manually pop it on for an hour!

2. Keep radiators uncovered

May seem like an obvious one but we really notice the difference if we have washing drying on them. Likewise with furniture like sofas or beds, don’t have them in front of the radiator or the heat cannot circulate.

3. Use your curtains

By closing your curtains in the evening you will be locking some of that heat in. But make sure you open them again in the morning to allow the sunlight to naturally warm the rooms.

4. Add texture

We have laminate flooring in our living room, which also happens to be the biggest room. By adding a rug it has really helped to keep the room warmer. We also have blankets on the sofa so that if we are feeling a little chilly we can wrap ourselves up! Soft furnishingswill help to make a room feel warmer too.

5. Maximise your insulation

Most heat is lost through the roof so by adding 25cm of insulation giant through your loft could help. But make sure you also insulate the loft hatch with the same self-adhesive strips you would use for windows and doors. Oh and check non of your roof tiles are missing or there would be no point in insulation. It is always worth checking with your energy supplier to see if they have any schemes running.

So this is how I keep our home winter warm. What are your top tips?