Feeding Washing Machine Drain Hose Into Kitchen Sink Plumbing

Not everyone has the luxury to have a washing room where they can install their washing machines in. Or, a large enough bathroom for the washing machine as well. 

You can only use the kitchen for doing your washing and to install the washing machine drain hose into the kitchen sink. Because plumbing isn’t the best thing that you can do, this might be a real struggle for you to install your washing machine into your kitchen sink. With this info, you will get everything you need to install the drain hose into the kitchen sink successfully, and even get some other great washing machine installation information.

Benefits of having your washing machine in your kitchen

First of all. You might wonder why people would want to have their washing machine installed in their kitchen and not in the bathroom or basement. There are many reasons why people prefer the kitchen for the washing machine installation instead of the basement or bathroom.

The bathroom might be too small for the installation, or there is only one bathroom. This can cause problems when you want to do the laundry and someone else wants to use the bathroom. This leads to people fighting and causes the washing to never get done.  There might be no basement in the house. Yes, there are some homes where there isn’t a basement. Meaning that there isn’t any extra room for doing the laundry. The kitchen is their only available space.

The other reason is that so many people are in the kitchen most part of the day. Meaning that it is just easier to have everything they need close by. And, this means the washing machine as well. Then, you will be able to do the laundry while you are cooking or assisting the children with their homework at the kitchen table. 

Tips for setting up your washing machine 

Before you can feed the drain hose into the kitchen sink, there are a couple of installation tips that you should consider.

You should make sure that you find a place for the washing machine. It should be close to the kitchen sink, but still out of your way. This is essential if you want to make the connections permanent so that you don’t need to connect the connections every time that you want to do the laundry. 

Permanent connection or temporarily connections 

Now, you should decide if you want to get permanent connections that will be permanently fixed to your kitchen sink. Or, if you want to have temporarily connections that need to be set up when you need to use the washing machine and needs to be removed and stored when you are done.

There are benefits to both options. The best thing that you can do, is to decide what options are best for your washing. To get your washing done on a regular basis without worrying about installing the drain hose. You should also consider the size of the kitchen and the area around the sink area. Leaving enough room to move around the sink without any worries.

Feeding the drain hose into the underneath the sink

Here is the guide on how you can feed the drain hose into the kitchen sink. To make sure that you are doing it correctly so that there isn’t a water mess in the kitchen that you need to clean up as well before you can start doing the laundry. 

  • Under the sink, you should remove the connectors and add a double connector instead.
  • It is important to make sure that the washing machine drain hose fit perfectly into the outlet of the drain that you just changed.
  • You can fasten the drain hose to the drain connector if you are afraid of a watery mess when the drain hose getting loses from the drain. Make sure that the water from the sink doesn’t get out of the washing machine’s outlet. 


If you need to install your washing machine in your kitchen, then this isn’t a problem. With a couple of changes, it will be possible to connect your drain hose permanently to the kitchen sink drain. With this method, you won’t have any problems with fitting pipes into a drain before you can start doing the laundry. And, don’t have to store everything away after you are done with the laundry. Making things so much easier on laundry day.

With this complete guide about Feeding washing machine drain hose into kitchen sink plumbing, you will get to learn everything about installing your washing machine in the kitchen. Making life a lot easier for yourself. Not everyone likes having their washing machine in the kitchen, but if you don’t have another choice, this is how you can connect your drain hose to the drain, to get the water drained successfully without a mess. 

What Is The Most Weight A Toilet Can Hold?

Whether we agree or not, there come a time when we all need to use the Toilet. And when that happens, whether it’s a big or a small Toilet, it better not give away beneath us. If you are having, heavyweight visitors coming over or you are a heavy person; you would want to know your Toilet’s weight-bearing ability. So this post is about the research we decided to carry out to answer your long-anticipated question. 

So, what is the average weight limit of a toilet? The average weight limit of a Toilet is somewhere around 1000 pound (453kg) for the regular standard toilets, and 500 pounds (227kg) for those wall hung toilets. 

There are no standard or regulations by the government that a specifies a maximum or minimum limit for a standard toilet. However, when it comes to the wall hung toilets, the ASME Standard requires that they must support at least 500 pounds. 

A lot of regular toilets can support a higher weight capacity than 1000 pounds, and this is because of the porcelain material for making the Toilets are super-strong and of high rigidity. This news is a bit comforting because using a defective toilet is an awful experience nobody wants to experience. Luckily enough for us, any regular vitreous China toilet, or the porcelain toilet can withstand more weight than even the most massive person on earth. 

We must say that through our many years in the toilet marketing field, we have never seen a toilet manufacturer or model that mentions the weight limit of the Toilet. Even on the internet, there is hardly any information about the average weight limit of a Toilet. So, the information we are sharing with you is a collective effort that took a lot of research. 

Is the average toilet weight limit adequate? 

Generally, the average weight of an American man is around 196 pounds, and the average weight of an American woman is 166 pounds. Even an obese person weighs within the weight range that rarely exceeds 400 or 450 pounds. So, those wall-mounted toilets weight limits of 500 pounds is more than adequate for regular household use. So, this brings us to the conclusion that the standard toilet weight limit set at 1000 pounds is more than sufficient for any eventuality you might face. 

What are the weight limits of the famous toilets brands?

Finding the weight limits of famous toilets brands like Kohler, Toto, and American Standard toilets was a difficult task. These toilets manufacturers do not give information about the weight limits of how much weight their Toilets can hold, so sourcing for this information was a bit challenging. But because we were determined to find some reliable answers, these are what we found out about the toilets below: 

Kohler toilet weight limits 

On the Kohler websites, there is a remote page that provides the only reference to toilet weight-bearing ability that we could find about any popular toilet brands. Based on this information from Kohler, their regular floor toilet can hold a weight of up to 1000 pounds. The heaviest man on record in history does not weigh more than 1000 pound. So, if you’re worried you or your visitor might accidentally break a Kohler toilet while using it, you can ease your mind. Use the Toilet as you like because it can surely withstand your weight. 

Toto and American Standard toilet weight limits 

Despite our effort to find something relating to the average weight limit of these brands of toilets, we found nothing from these best toilets brands. The only information we found was information on the average weight limit of their wall hung toilet models. 

However, as we continued in our research, we found many Toto and American Standard toilet reviews and comments. Different stores like Amazon and internet forums from people weighing 250, 300, and more using these toilets had a lot to say in the comments. They were glad about the quality of the product and recommended there top-rated brands as it bore their weight well. 

Wall hung toilet weight limits 

The average weight limits of wall hung toilets are lower than the regular standard toilets. There is an average of 500 pounds average weight limit for wall-hung Toilets. However, there are some toilets models like Toto Aquia, which can withstand a higher weight limit of up to 880 pounds. And when combined with the durable Toto wall toilet carrier frame, they are stronger. 

The ASME standards and the National Consensus Standards for Vitreous China Plumbing Fixtures have a minimum weight limit requirement set at 500 pounds (ASME A112.19.2-2005/CSA B4 5.1-05). 

On average, a wall-mounted toilet can only support about half of the weight capacity that a regular flour mounted Toilet can withstand. The weight limit of a wall toilet depends significantly on the wall carrier and how it fits securely to the wall and floor. That is why it can only support so much average weight limit. 

Can you break a toilet by sitting on it? 

No, a toilet is not supposed to break by you sitting on it. The Toilets are of sturdy materials (porcelain or vitreous china clay) that are hard enough to withstand your weight. Through our research, we didn’t find any horror story about a person injured from sitting on a toilet and then it breaks. 

Why don’t toilets brands mention the average weight limits of their products? 

It is quite strange, but toilet manufacturers often skip this piece of information despite they release a myriad of information about every little detail of their product. We believe they do not make mention of this information because they feel it is not relevant. But we think, making mention of it would be a great marketing strategy. For instance, an XX model supports more than a thousand pounds, and so on. 

How much weight can a toilet seat hold? 

Do toilet seats even have a weight limit? Yes, they do, and it is often nor mentioned by toilet manufacturers just like they don’t say the average weight limit of their toilets. However, a toilet seat can hold an average weight of 300 pounds. No wonder our toilet seats can break or crack when a heavy user make use of the Toilet. But there are heavy-duty seats like the 800 Pounds Bariatric Toilet Seat sold on Amazon. 

20 Super Clever Uses For Sudocrem

We all know that baby wipes are up there as the most used baby products. But for more than just baby related things. Like cleaning the whole house – apart from mirrors. Don’t do that it smears. Badly! Well after a twitter chat (#BabyHour every Thursday) Sophie and I reckon Sudocrem might just be up there with it. Here are other uses for Sudocrem:


  • Nappy rash obvs 😉
  • Put it on their neck when their dribbly to stop it becoming sore and smelly.


  • Chapped lips? Sudocrem on overnight.
  • Dark under eye circles? Sudocrem on overnight.
  • Spots? Sudocrem on overnight.
  • Chafe? Apply Sudocrem before, during and after.
  • Shaving rash? Sudocrem.
  • Dying your hair? Put Sudocrem around your hair line and on your ears!
  • Face mask? Sudocrem once a month.
  • Cracked heals? Sudocrem.
  • Fake tanning? Apply to the palms of your hands and bottom of feet.


  • Dogs – helps their skin to heal.
  • Horses – mix with honey for nasty cuts.
  • Horses – aftersun on their noses.


  • Grazed knees & cuts.
  • Nettle rash.
  • Insect bites/stings.
  • Sunburn.
  • Keep scars dry in warmer weather.
  • Small burns from straighteners, kettles and pans.

What other uses for Sudocrem would you add?

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How To Remove Flow Restrictor From Moen Shower Head

There comes a time when everyone has problems with their showerhead. Problems of water flow that is getting weak and restricted. This doesn’t mean that you should now start looking for a new showerhead. This only means that you might want to remove the flow restrictor from the showerhead. Especially, when you have problems with the Moen showerhead. 

These are how you can remove the flow restrictor from the Moen showerhead and reasons why you want to remove this from any showerhead. This is something that not many people know they can do.

What is the purpose of the flow restrictor?

The first thing that you might wonder is what is the purpose of the flow restrictor in the first place. Is this something that is really important, or can you remove it without any problems? This is something that you need to know before you can just take it out.

The purpose of the flow restrictor is actually just to safe water. The government is trying to let people save water, and they are required showerhead manufacturers to install flow restrictors to their showerheads. If you struggle with low water flow, you can take the restrictor out, without any problems. But you need to make sure that you know exactly how to remove it correctly. 

Why do you want to remove the flow restrictor from the Moen shower head?

The water flow isn’t equally strong everywhere. And, you want to get the most out your Moen showerhead. The showerhead isn’t going to give you the best results if you don’t have a strong water flow coming through the shower. 

The moment that you are removing the flow restrictor from the Moen shower head, you are going to get a showerhead that is going to have stronger and faster water flow. Making your shower experience even better. You will not have any restrictions with your water flow again after you have taken out the flow restrictor correctly.

Steps in how you can remove the restrictor from any showerhead

You will be surprised at how easy it really is to remove the flow restrictor from the Moen showerhead. You just need to know how the restrictor looks like and how to remove it without damaging the other things around it.

The first thing that you need to do, is to remove the showerhead from the shower. If you have installed the Moen shower head in the shower, you will know how to remove it safely. Just be careful that you don’t damage the pipes around the showerhead. 

Then, you should take a small screwdriver and take out the rubber band with the flow restrictor in the shower head out. This isn’t difficult and it isn’t fastened with anything. Just be careful that you don’t damage the showerhead in the process. You will clearly see the flow restrictor because this is a small part inside the shower head that is making the water flow less. The moment that you have taken the flow restrictor out, you will see that there aren’t any obstructions between the pipe and the showerhead anymore. 

The only thing that is left to do, is to install the showerhead back in the shower again. Making sure that the head is fastened correctly and be sure that you don’t damage anything on the shower system or showerhead. 

Tips to remember when it comes to flow restrictors and removing it from the shower heads

There are a couple of things that you need to remember when it comes to the flow restrictors and removing them from the Moen showerhead. 

First of all, just because you have removed the restrictor, it doesn’t mean that the water flow will now be automatically stronger. If your overall water flow is slow, then taking out the restrictor won’t really make a difference. But, it is worth the try.

You don’t have to worry that you will damage your shower head in any way if you are taking out the flow restrictor from the showerhead. As said before, the only purpose is to restrict the amount of water that is flowing from the pipes to the showerhead. Trying to save water. If you have a water shortage, it isn’t recommended that you should remove the flow restrictor from the showerhead until the water shortage is over.

You can easily remove the Moen flow restrictor if you have slow water flow in your home. This will make the water flow a bit stronger and give you a better shower experience. But, this will only work if you have great general water flow in the home. With this guide, you will know how to remove the restrictor and you will know how to do it without damaging your Moen showerhead. 

How Much Does A Cast Iron Bathtub Weigh?

There is nothing as beautiful as a cast iron bathtub in a newly renovated bathroom. However, there are more benefits in having a cast iron bathtub than just the beauty of it. The one thing that you should know is this type of bathtub is really heavy. And, it can be too heavy for just any bathroom floor. Its why you should make about what the cast iron tub weighs. In order for you to know if your floor is strong and durable enough for this type of bathtub. This is everything that you need to know about how much a cast iron bathtub weighs and some other, essential information about these bathtubs. 

Benefits of installing a cast iron bathtub in your bathroom

First of all, why are there so many people that are considering installing a cast iron bathtub in their bathrooms? These bathtubs are a lot more expensive than other tubs that are basically doing the same thing. 

The first benefit is durability. These tubs are staying in perfect condition for much longer. It doesn’t turn yellow as easily as other, everyday baths. It really looks great, if you are walking into a bathroom and you are seeing a cast iron bathtub. It feels like you can get into the bath and enjoy a long bath right at that moment. They are investments to any home and adding value to the home. 

Why should you know exactly what a cast iron bathtub weigh?

It is essential to know exactly what a cast iron bathtub weight. This is because these baths are really heavy and can damage any floor. You should normally need to strengthen the floor of a bathroom that has a cast iron bath in. And, if the bathroom is on the second floor, it is even more important to know.

Some cast iron bathtubs are a lot heavier than other cast iron baths, and, this is something to consider if you have a delicate floor, or as said before, if the bathroom is on the second floor. The contractor is normally doing the calculations to ensure that even with a bathtub full of water, the floor will be strong enough to hold the bathtub without any problems. 

Different size cast iron tubs weigh differently

Something else to know is that different type and different size cast iron bathtubs has different weights. And, it is important to know exactly the weight of the tub that you are going to purchase. Even, if you are hiring a contractor to upgrade your bathroom.

He needs to know the weight of the tub in order to strengthen the floor correctly. Just to say to him that you have ordered a cast iron tub, won’t be enough information. He needs to know the exact type of bath that you have purchased and the total weight before and after water. 

Samples if different tubs with their weighs

Here is some sample of how different cast iron bathtubs can weigh differently. And, this can assist you in finding the right tub that will be the right weight for your bathroom floor. An average bathtub can weigh between 240 and 500 pounds depending on the size and style.

  • Pegasus Claw Feet Tub weight without water is about 247pound and in total it can go up to 738 pounds with water.
  • KOHLER Seaforth Tub has weight without water of about 277 pounds and in total it can go up to 743 pounds with water.
  • Barclay Products Lion Paw Feet Tub has a weight without water of about 364 pounds and with water is can go up to 914 pounds. 

Remember that the water in the bathtub is added to the weight

It is really important to calculate the weight of the water in the bathtub as well when you want to find out if the floor is going to be strong enough for the floor. You might say that the water isn’t staying long enough in the bathtub to cause damage, but this is where most people are wrong. 

With the floor not strong enough, even a small weight difference in a short period can cause damage. And a small amount of damage done over a long period of time can become a lot of damage and become seriously dangerous. Especially, when the bathroom is on the second or third floor. This is why you always should calculate the weight of the water with the tub when you are installing a cast iron bathtub.

It is important to know the weight of a cast-iron bathtub before you install it in your newly renovated bathroom. You should make sure that your floor is strong enough to hold this heavy bathtub safely. There are many benefits of having a cast iron bath, but then you should make sure that your bathroom floor is strong enough to take the weight of this heavy bathtub.

Make Sustainable Fashion Your New Years Resolution for 2018

Just lately I have been making a conscious effort to be kinder to the environment just by making little changes. Like making sure I recycle everything that can be recycled. Another way in which I can be kinder is by making sustainable clothing choices!

The fashion industry is a wasteful one. From the manufacturing process to the transportation methods to what can be many different locations involved in the process, it is not an industry that’s been kind to the environment.

Stella McCartney recently spoke about how the industry needs to change, but is there anything that we as consumers can do? Perhaps you’re sick of looking in your wardrobe and having the familiar ‘nothing to wear’ moment? Do you regularly buy very cheap clothing knowing you can throw it away without much thought if it goes out of fashion next month? Fast fashion is wreaking havoc on the environment, and we can all play a part in reducing it’s harm.

If you’re aiming for a greener 2018, these tips should help you change your approach to how you buy your clothes.

Choose sustainable clothing

For wardrobe staples like a good pair of jeans, winter jumpers and coats, consider paying more for good quality that you’ll wear again and again. Good quality clothing will stand the test of time – you’ll find that they will last longer and will also resist fast fashion. Research companies to find how their clothes are made and consider choosing more sustainable options.

Hire clothes for special occasions

For occasions that call for something extra special, consider renting an outfit rather than buying one. If you’ve got a big event coming up like a wedding or a big party, take a look at what’s on offer from Rent the Runway or Hire the Catwalk. You pick your outfit, receive it in the post and just send it back after your agreed rental period. Using one of these sites means you can wear a great outfit, but know that it’ll be used again and not left in your wardrobe forever more. If you do wish to actually buy a new outfit, make sure you can justify it by wearing it on several occasions (it’s ok to wear the same outfit twice – if anyone judges you for that, that’s their problem!)

Try to buy second hand clothes

eBay is a great place to find clothes. If you find yourself lusting after a new outfit in a shop, do a quick search on ebay and see if you can get it second hand. Many people buy items that are still pretty much brand new – they might have taken it home to find it doesn’t fit like they thought, or have only worn it once or twice. Just watch out for postage costs – you may need to find a courier service yourself if the seller doesn’t offer postage.

If you’d rather do your shopping in person, charity shops are fantastic places to find hidden gems, and for a fraction of their price when they were brand new. Charity shops are also a great place to look for books, DVDs and board games!

Have your old clothes altered

Over time our favourite clothes get damaged and need some TLC to get back to how they once were. Many problems are easily fixed like lost buttons, rips and slight sizing alterations, so try taking these clothes down to your local tailor to see how they can help. You might even like to take on the sewing project yourself – perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn to  sew and making a small alteration or adding some decorations to an old piece of clothing could be just the thing to get you started.

Arrange clothes parties

Why not get your friends together for a clothes party? Invite some friends round for an evening and ask everyone to bring pre-loved clothes that they don’t want anymore. It’s a great way to catch up with loved ones and swap clothes – you might just find a wonderful outfit that your friend no longer wants and get rid of some of your old clothes without having throwing them away into landfill.

All of these tips are so simple yet some I would never have thought of. I am so guilty of staring at my full wardrobe and still having nothing to wear!